Can DBT Skills be Applied to Families?

The symptoms of BPD or severe chronic emotional dysregulation are thought to be caused by a combination of biological traits such as extreme sensitivity, very high reactivity and noticeable difficulty in calming down; along with an environment that is perceived by the patient as non-supportive or invalidating, either in some specific way or more pervasively.

DBT-Based Family Skills Coaching

Together we will learn some of the most effective skills parents and family members can use with their loved ones without actually having to become a therapist. As an added bonus, those skills will help you in many other walks of life.

We will work to understand with compassion what might be going on with your relative. We will look for clarity around your point of view, and we will look for what may be true in their point of view too. We will make the difference between what you would like to see happen, and what you need to have happen. And we will learn how you can make your loved one’s life significantly easier, in the process of making yours much easier as well.

A mother whose child was failing some classes said to us once: “Forget my daughter – this stuff really works with the principal of her school!”

NASSPD Conference

Watch this presentation given to an audience of researchers, therapists, and family members about the importance of helping families help their loved ones.


A Free Resource:

If you haven’t done so already, we suggest you sign up for a Family Connections™  or TeleConnections class on the NEA-BPD website. This class will teach you the specifics of BPD and will help you learn many of these skills, in the company and with the support of other families. It is excellent, and it is virtually free.

The waiting list can be long, though it isn’t always, and you might feel you want to get started. Or you might feel that your situation is particularly difficult. Or, perhaps you have taken this class already and are facing a tough moment or wondering which skill to use and how to best apply it.

In this case, call us and we will discuss best next steps together.

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