We at Families On The Line are passionate about reducing stigma and helping spread the important knowledge that has been acquired over the past two decades in the field of BPD. Individually or together, we have conducted multiple, well-received seminars and presentations; either narrowly focused on specific aspects of DBT or more generally oriented to a specific approach to treatment.

We can help you learn more about DBT; we can orient you to specific DBT skills and how to teach them; we can help you learn how to include families in treatment.

Of specific interest, we have offered the following,

well received interventions


A full day orientation to DBT and its applications to families; in association with the Bridge Training Institute; to an audience of approximately 70 Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Department of Mental Health, local agency staff and individual therapists.


Several weekend Family Connections ™ seminars to an audience of approximately 50 family members of people who struggle with emotional dysfunction.


Psychoeducation and skills classes over 20 weeks to an audience of approximately 10 family members of Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital teenage patients struggling with emotion dysfunction.


A series of seminars to an audience of approximately 15 Psychiatry residents at the VA Hospital in New Haven.Topics included an overall introduction to DBT; DBT in the treatment of Substance Abuse; Validation; Dialectics.


A full day training for the (approximately 20) staff of the Trumbull Cooperative Educational Services School in the context of their professional development, during which we introduced DBT and the application of specific skills in the school milieu.

Closing the Gap

August 26-27, 2017 – San Juan Puerto Rico

This presentation, delivered at a conference about BPD in Puerto Rico in September 2016, addresses the importance of and the ways for professionals to include families in DBT treatment.  It was also offered at the Yale Conference on BPD and Families in May 2017.

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